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Oksana Baigent

EHRI-Fellow (2021)


Holocaust Memory in Ukraine in the Digital Age: Memorialization Unmoored


BaigentThis project explores the rise of non-state led Holocaust memorialization efforts in Ukraine in the Digital Age. The project challenges the widely held notion of ‘absent’ or ‘suppressed’ memory of the Holocaust in modern Ukraine. Through diverse case studies, it shows how the memory of the Holocaust is being created with the advancement and accessibility of digital technologies. It argues that the efflorescence of public history projects and new thinking about the Holocaust memory practices in Ukraine are shaped by the cascade of new communications technologies of the Digital Era. This PhD will particularly investigate how the unlimited access and dissemination of the Information Age democratizing the memory practices in Ukraine and challenge the once-presumptive monopoly that the state held on memory and memorializing. The research also looks at how the traditional Holocaust memory practices are shifting away from the physical space to digital in the post-covid world. With the places like Memorial Auschwitz-Birkenau moving their exhibitions online, even if temporarily, it will explore the future of Holocaust remembrance in the digital realm and situate the Ukrainian example among those novel memorialization and preservation developments in Europe and globally.


Oksana Baigent Oksana Baigent is a doctoral candidate studying Jewish Studies and Digital Humanities at University College London (GB). She holds a BA and MA in History from Kyiv-Mohyla Akademie in Kiev (Ukraine). Her research interests encompass: Jewish history, Holocaust history and Digital Humanities. She has been awarded with several fellowships among them: the American Jewish Archives Fellowship (2018/19), a Research Grant from the British Royal Historical Society (September 2020) and the ReIReS_Transnational Access Scholarship (June 2021).

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