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Research Focus


The VWI International Academic Advisory Board regularly discusses possible future research fields for the institute in its sessions.


In 2012, a sub-commission of the Board named “European Perspectives of Holocaust Research” determined where the VWI ought to focus its research activities in the coming years. The sub-commission consisted of the Board members Gustavo Corni, Susanne Heim, Peter Longerich, and Dieter Pohl. Since 2012, these core fields have made up the basis of academic activities at the institute, ensuring that the VWI will continue evolving into an institution whose import and contribution to academic discourse make it a Central European centre of competence in Holocaust research.


The position paper “Europeanisation of the Holocaust” proposed six subject areas that are to be worked on more closely in coming papers as well as project applications:


  • "Anti-Jewish legislation in Europe, 1919/1933 to 1938/41",
  • "The murder of the Jews and the European public sphere",
  • "Indigenous organisations and the Holocaust outside of the Reich",
  • "Administration in the occupied areas, axis regimes and the Holocaust",
  • "Reactions by Jewish organisations and communities",
  • "Reactions by neutral states and international organisations to the persecution of the Jews in Germany"


Beyond this, the VWI is participating in several smaller, largely Austria-related projects, mostly in co-operation with its supporting organisations. Larger projects – also within the framework of EU-programmes – are being constantly prepared and submitted.

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