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The steady stream of guest researchers (senior, research, and junior fellows) visiting the institute ensures that the VWI’s research agendas remain steadily innovative. The concept of an annual substitution of fellows guarantees that guest researchers remain in permanent exchange with their relevant scientific community and thus ensures that top early career scholars are included and supported. Young researchers and experienced scholars thus engage in a mutual exchange as they work on their questions, present their results to the public at conferences, lectures, and in publications, and use their insights to contribute to the institute’s on-going research and education projects. In this way, the fellowship programme enables the VWI to bring the best and most interesting researchers of all age groups and from various academic disciplines to the institute from Austria and abroad, allowing the scholars to form a temporary affiliation with the institute without interrupting their academic or other careers. It is the aim of the programme to ensure the diversity of the research programme by choosing fellows from a broad range of regional backgrounds, methodical approaches, and a mixture of academic disciplines.


The VWI fellows are assisted academically and administratively during their stay in Vienna by the institute. They are required to present a colloquium on their topic of research and to discuss a chosen source or method relevant to their research in a methods and sources seminar together with the other fellows, under the direction of the research director, the research staff, and the institute management. After completion of their stay at the VWI, they are required to submit a scholarly article to the institute’s e-journal S:I.M.O.N.– Shoah: Intervention. Methods. Documentation., which prior to publication is subject to a peer review process.

The first VWI fellowship programme took place in the academic year 2012/13, when two senior fellows, two research fellows, and four junior fellows began their stay at the institute on 1 October 2012. Currently, over fifty researches from various disciplines have completed a fellowship at the VWI and have become VWI alumnae and alumni.

A call for applications is issued for junior, research, and senior fellowships in November of each year in general following the annual meeting of VWI‘s International Academic Advisory Board; the deadline for applications is around mid-February of the following year. The Advisory Board is solely responsible for the awarding of fellowships on the basis of individual applications.

Fellowships in the framework of the EU project European Holocaust Research Infrastructure promote Holocaust research by enabling access to Holocaust-relevant collections as well as to know-how in the field of Digital Humanities. They are intended especially for early career scholars with limited means especially from East Central and Eastern Europe: Fellowships beyond four to six weeks in length are exceptional. The individual institutions in Europe, the USA, and Israel connected to each other through EHRI-2 receive specific time contingents for these fellowships: The VWI received altogether 19 weeks between 2016 and 2018.

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