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Constantin Iordachi

Senior Fellow (10/2023 – 02/2024)


Cleansing Ultranationalism: A Comparative History of Fascism in Eastern Europe, 1918–1945


Constantin IordachiThe project compares varieties of fascism in Eastern Europe in order to integrate the fascist movements and regimes in this region more firmly into general fascism research. Special attention is paid to the fascist pursuit of violent "cleansing" and the role that fascists in the region played in the planning and execution of the Holocaust. The aim of the project is to set a new research agenda for the comparative study of fascism and thus to contribute to the fine-tuning or fundamental modification of existing explanatory approaches. The comparative research on fascism should thus - in the sense of an exchange and comparison of scholarly traditions in Eastern and Western Europe – be set on new theoretical and methodological foundations.


Constantin Iordachi, Professor at the Institute of History of CEU, President of the International Association for Comparative Fascist Studies (ComFas) and member of Academia Europaea - The Academy of Europe. Member of the Academic Committee of the House of European History, Brussels. Iordachi is, among other things, editor-in-chief of the CEU Review of Books.


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