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Anca Filipovici

Fortunoff Research Fellow (10/2022 – 06/2023)


Personal Accounts of Resistance. Jewish Youngsters in Underground Organizations During the Holocaust in Romania


Anca FilipoviciThe project explores the history of the Holocaust in Romania from the perspective of Jewish youth as an agency of resistance. It focuses on Jewish underground youth organisations and other political movements that were active during the Second World War. A focus is placed on young Romanian Jews outside the ghettos, but also on those who were deported to Transnistria; on those who considered the possibility of a new life in Romania or fought for emigration to Eretz Israel. Based on archival files and survivors' testimonies from the Fortunoff Video Archive, the project will create a typology of these organisations. It will examine the mobilising factors and analyse the relationship between youth and political engagement. It raises the question of the nature of ethnic and religious identity when this identity transforms the individual into a victim.


Anca Filipovici, research associate at the Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Author of numerous articles and studies dealing with nationalism and ethnicity, the history of youth, and education and anti-Semitism in secondary and higher education.


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