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Raz Segal

Senior Fellow (03/2023 – 07/2023)


Holocaust Bystanders: A History of the Modern State


Raz SegalThe project offers a new interpretation of the Holocaust Bystanders in the borderlands under wartime Hungarian and Bulgarian occupations that targeted several groups in attempts to realise ethno-national visions of “Greater Hungary” and “Greater Bulgaria.” Based on testimonies collected at different times, in different places and in different languages, the project will show how the attacks of the Hungarian and Bulgarian states on multi-ethnic and multi-religious societies during the Second World War tore apart the social fabric, so that the Bystanders' behaviour did not reflect a previous social conflict, but one planned by the violent state. This will shed new light on relations between Jews and their neighbours, Jewish life and Jewish responses to destruction before and during the Second World War.


Raz Segal, Associate Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies and Endowed Professor of the Study of Modern Genocide at Stockton University, where he also serves as Director of the Holocaust and Genocide Studies Master's programme. Numerous publications on genocide, state violence and the politics of memory.


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