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Due to the new regulations, the Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies will be closed until 2 May 2021.

This concerns the archive, library and museum.

Research Fellowships 2021/2022 at the Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies (VWI)


The Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies (VWI) invites applications for its research fellowships for the academic year 2021/2022.


The VWI is an academic institution dedicated to the research and documentation of antisemitism, racism, nationalism and the Holocaust. Conceived and established during Simon Wiesenthal’s lifetime, the VWI receives funding from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, the Federal Chancellery as well as the City of Vienna. Research at the institute focuses on the Holocaust in its European context, including its antecedents and its aftermath. Furthermore we encourage researchers from the field of Digital Humanities working on holocaust-relevant topics to submit their application.


Scholars who have completed their PhD studies and have produced works of scholarship are eligible for receiving a Research Fellowship. Research Fellows will be able to conduct research on a topic of their choice in the field of Holocaust studies at the institute. Beyond the research work itself, the stay at the institute is intended to encourage communication and scientific exchange among the fellows at the institute. Research Fellows are expected to support the institute’s academic work and provide research adjective and support to junior fellows. Research fellows must be regularly present at the VWI.


Research projects are to focus on a topic relevant to the research interests of the VWI. Within this parameter, applicants are free to choose their own topic, approach and methodology. Fellows will have access to the archives of the institute. It is expected that fellows will make use of relevant resources from the collection in their research projects. Research results will be the subject of formal fellow’s discussion and will be presented to the wider public at regular intervals. At the end of their stay, fellows are required to submit a research paper which will be peer-reviewed and published in VWI’s e-journal S:I.M.O.N. – Shoah: Intervention. Methods. Documentation.


Research Fellowships are awarded for a duration of between six and eleven months. Experience tells that residences between nine and eleven months are the most productive for facilitating the research of the fellows at the VWI. They will have a workstation with computer and Internet access and will receive a monthly stipend of € 2,200. In addition, VWI will cover housing costs during the fellowship (up to € 700) as well as the costs of a round-trip to and from Vienna (coach class airfare or 2nd class train fare). There is an additional one-off payment of € 500 available for research conducted outside of Vienna or photocopying costs outside of the institute, where applicable.


Research Fellows will be selected by the International Academic Advisory Board of the VWI.


Applications may be submitted in English or German and must include the following documents:


  • completed application form,
  • a detailed description of the research project, including the research objectives, an overview of existing research on the topic and methodology (12,000 characters max.)
  • a list of publications and a CV with a photo, if not already included in application form (optional).


Please send your application in electronic format (in one integral *.pdf-file) with the subject header “VWI Research Fellowships 2021/2022” by 27 January 20210 to:


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


If you do not get confirmation that we have received your proposal, please contact us.


Future research fellows are advised to endeavour to finance a part of their fellowship via a stipend from the Stipendienstiftung der Republik Österreich and to submit an application to this end after they have received notification of being awarded their fellowship.

Messan Tossa

Research Fellow (3/2021 - 7/2021)


Artefacts of Holocaust Literature in the African Context


Web TossaThe increasing interconnection of worlds due to the relativisation of material distance goes hand in hand with the transformation of local characteristics through global forms of representation. The virtual lack of distance leads to narratives from central worlds becoming paradigms, which then serve to explain future manifestations of analogue realities. This applies especially to the Holocaust, the literary representations of which have been used to document the Rwandan genocide. This parallelism is so trenchant that Robert Stockhammer in his book on the Rwandan genocide called this the ‘other genocide’, emphasising the unmistakable reference back to the Holocaust whenever one speaks of the Rwandan genocide.
This project questions the incorporation of poetic, aesthetic, and formal signs from Holocaust literature in fictionalisations of the Rwandan genocide.


Messan Tossa works in the State Archive of Togo and as a lecturer in the Department of German Studies at the University of Lomé. He completed his PhD in the Department of German Studies at the University of Lomé in 2014 and has previously held fellowships at German institutions such as the DAAD, the Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung, and the State Library in Berlin. He has published numerous articles as well as the monograph Friedensdiskurse in der neueren deutschsprachigen Literatur (Bern 2018).


E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Calls for Papers and Announcements


The Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies (VWI) regularly organises conferences and workshops. After an open call for papers, lecturers are usually selected by a jury of experts on the given topics, in consultation with the VWI's International Academic Advisory Board. The same applies to the yearly calls for fellowships at the VWI.


These calls – like all other announcements concerning the research activities of the VWI – will be published here on this page.



The Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies (VIW) is driven and inspired by research. The term “Holocaust Studies” stands for research on antisemitism, racism, and the Holocaust, including its origins and aftermath. A range of different questions, innovative methods, and the newest approaches are to be applied in this research. At the same time, fundamental questions such as the inextricable relationship between Holocaust and memory or the unique aspects of the Holocaust and their parallels to other genocides are themselves to be made the subject of research.


Research at the VWI is primarily conducted in the context of the fellowship programme. In addition, various research projects of flexible duration are housed at or supported by the VWI.


The fellowships allow early career scholars as well as experienced scholars to follow their own research interests. They work on questions and texts in a context of mutual exchange and present their research results during the course of their stay at the VWI to a small, interested professional audience as well as using their insights to contribute to current larger, international research agendas. The fellowship programme provides an opportunity to bring researchers of different ages and different research disciplines to Vienna, allowing for temporary affiliations with the VWI that will not interrupt the researchers’ academic careers. The fellows’ work is supervised by the VWI Research Programme Director, Éva Kovács.


On a second level, the VWI intends to initiate and conduct research projects in the field of Holocaust studies in close co-operation with its International Academic Advisory Board. Ideally, the fellowship research projects and the institute’s ongoing projects will mutually complement each other.


The VWI International Academic Advisory Board regularly evaluates and thus guarantees the quality of the research.


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