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General Assembly

The General Assembly is the joint panel open to all members. All far-reaching structural decisions are made by the General Assembly, including:


  • given adjustments to the organisational structures,
  • acceptance or exclusion of members,
  • budget approval and control,
  • appointment of members of the Board of Directors (for three years),
  • appointment of the auditors (for two years)
  • appointment of the members of the International Academic Advisory Board (for three years). 


The General Assembly normally meets once a year, but can be called more frequently and at short notice when necessary. All proper members have a vote.

The following are currently represented in the general assembly:


Brigitte Bailer (Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance)

Werner Dreier (_erinnern.at_)

Albert Lichtblau (University of Salzburg)

Claudia Prutscher(Jewish Community Vienna)

Oliver Rathkolb (University of Vienna - Institute of Contemporary History)

Sylvia Sandorffy (Bund Jüdischer Verfolgter des Naziregimes)

Danielle Spera (Jewish Museum Vienna)

Juliane Wetzel (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance)


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