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VWI: Gender Equality Plan (GEP) 2023–2026




The Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies (VWI) is committed to non-discrimination, gender equality and diversity by addressing a broad international audience with its academic achievements, an appropriate working environment and a competent, supportive organisational team. In doing so, the VWI builds on the legacy of the work of Holocaust survivors.


These people, who founded documentation centres and projects across Europe immediately after liberation from Nazi rule, represent a heterogeneous and diverse group in terms of religious traditions, ethnicity, class, gender, language, regional location and profession.




The VWI is dedicated to researching and documenting anti-Semitism, racism and the Holocaust. In its educational activities, it promotes awareness and understanding of human dignity, strengthens the willingness to take responsibility for the social community as well as personal civil courage. The VWI strives to reflect gender equality and an appreciation of diversity in its organisational structure, its academic and programmatic work as well as in its representation and external communication.


Appreciation for diversity is reflected throughout the entire organisation in mindful and respectful interaction with one another. It is also expressed in the endeavour to integrate diversity into the personnel structure and in the selection of fellows. Finally, it helps to reflect the needs of people of different genders, ethnicities, religious traditions, social class, mental and physical abilities, language and regionality in research, teaching and communication. In line with the mission of the VWI, vigilance against anti-Semitism, racism and all forms of discrimination is an important ethical principle of everyday communication.


To ensure this mission, the VWI is committed to a comprehensive Gender Equality Plan, which can now be read in German here.

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