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Simon Wiesenthal Conferences


As it was still being established, the Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies (VWI) already organised two large international conferences: In June 2006, it held the conference “The Legacy of Simon Wiesenthal for Holocaust Studies” at the International Research Centre for Cultural Sciences (IFK) and in June 2007 the conference “Labour and Extermination” at the Wiener Arbeiterkammer (Vienna Chamber of Labour). In October 2011, the Simon Wiesenthal Conference series was continued with the topic “Scores of Commemoration: The Holocaust in Music” at the Vienna University for Music and Performing Arts.


Beginning in 2012, a three-day “Simon Wiesenthal Conference” has been held every year, in English and German. As with the Simon Wiesenthal Lecture series, the conference topics cover the entire range of topics in international Holocaust research, with a new focus each year. The topics are chosen in collaboration with the International Academic Advisory Board. The calls for papers are posted in the usual forums and are primarily aimed at attracting young, ambitious researchers from across the world. Established, internationally renowned scholars are invited to hold key note addresses or concluding and evaluating talks. Thus, the interested public in Vienna are given access to presentations and discussions of the most recent research insights.


The conference proceedings are published each year in a dedicated series of VWI publications, the so-called VWI-Beiträge zur Holocaustforschung, in English or in German.



Simon Wiesenthal Conference
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24. March 2020
27. November 2017
30. November 2015
03. December 2014
05. December 2013
29. November 2012
04. October 2011

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