The Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies (VWI) is dedicated to the research, documentation of and education on all issues related to antisemitism, racism and the Holocaust, including its origins and aftermath. Its legal form is that of a non-profit association.


The VWI is conceived as a joint project by its supporting organizations:


  • the Documentation Centre of the Association of Jews Persecuted by the Nazi Regime (BJVN – Simon Wiesenthal Archiv)
  • the Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance (DÖW)
  • the Institute of Contemporary History at the University of Vienna (IfZG)
  • the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliannce (IHRA)
  • the Jewish Community Vienna (Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Wien, IKG)
  • the Jewish Museum Vienna (JMW)
  • Verein _erinnern.at_
  • the Centre for Jewish Cultural History at the University of Salzburg

The uppermost body, which includes all members of the association, is the general assembly. All far-reaching structural decisions are made at this assembly's meetings. The Board of Directors, which is made up of seven members delegated by the general assembly, takes all operative decisions.


The International Academic Board is also nominated by the General Assembly. It makes recommendations on all issues related to content, scholarship and research to the Board of Directors, who have to realize these wherever possible, resp. may only refuse these for sound reasons. During the institute's foundation phase, a task force was additionally established to act as a sort of think tank, extending the open work situation of the institute's foundation phase and providing a platform for the discussion of questions on content and organization.


The management and the team are in charge of the day-to-day business at the institute, the library and the archive, which is currently being established, including the latter's digitalization, as well as organizing events. Together with the Research Programme Director, they also supervise the projects and the institute's junior, research and senior fellows.

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