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Since the 1980s, the politics of remembrance and the central place the Holocaust holds within it have moved into the focus of a global cultural policy debate. Triggered by popular formats such as TV series, the establishment of Holocaust museums and the erection of memorial sites and memorials, by documentations, feature films, plays as well as exhibitions, the highly controversial debate has addressed and continues to address the question of the sense and form of Holocaust remembrance or its possibilities and limits.

The Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies (VWI) understands its educational mission as the task of retaining the visibility of the remembrance cultural context and media anthropological background as well as the discursive context of popular remembrance of the Holocaust and other genocides for its audience. The materiality and the act of remembrance itself shall be focused on by making it into the very topic and an issue of educational questions. This is achieved on the one hand via academic debate and reasoning, on the other by testing the issue in various contexts by experiment. The latter will take place in the frame of „Interventions in Public Spaces“. Artists and Writers in particular are to be included in these.

In our most recent series of events, “VWI Visuals”, renowned academics take part in the presentation and discussion of forgotten or hardly known confrontations of, commentaries and documentaries on the subject of the Holocaust in film. The events take place periodically at the Viennese cinema Admiralkino.


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