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In the early 1960s, when the Documentation Centre of the Association of Jews Persecuted by the Nazi Regime (Dokumentationszentrums des Bundes Jüdischer Verfolgter des Naziregimes) was established in Vienna, Simon Wiesenthal opened a Vienna office where he worked intensively on research related to the Nazi era. Here, he collected many documents on Nazi perpetrators and Nazi crimes (around 8000 files) over the course of many years. However, his life and work was particularly marked by his concern with society's attitudes towards the past and his resultant engagement against forgetting. The archive also contains the extensive correspondence that emerged from his work.

Before he died, Simon Wiesenthal expressed his wish that the entire collection of materials would be integrated in the Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies (VWI), which was then still in its initial planning stages. In order to realize this intention, the archive holdings are successively being entered into a database and made accessible to the public for research purposes.

As soon as the VWI has found a new location that fulfills the relevant requirements, the Simon Wiesenthal Archive will also be physically integrated into the VWI. Until that time, the archive will remain at Wiesenthal's last office address in Salztorgasse 6/IV/5.



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